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CREATIVE Associates develops industrial measure & control solutions based on IoT technology. We measure temperature, humidity, CO2, Air Quality, water/liquid levels and volumes, power consumption, light and many more. Our IoT boards communicate over NB-IoT, GSM, Private Lora, Ethernet, WiFi and Modbus RS485. Based on these measurements we automate actions like the activation of pumps, ventilation, heating, light, irrigation systems and alarming. With RFID technology we assure access control to gates and machinery. Data communication is encrypted via AES 256-bit over HTTP and MQTT. We offer the ability to interact via cloud application, TFT touchscreen, OLED, ledmatrix, local WEB pages, E-paper, RFID and a mobile application. The hardware, microcode and cloud based application/database softwares are all in house developed.

We bundled our technology around three offerings

Power Metering

Managing power consumption starts with measurements. We offer a solution that reads the active consumption from electricity meters via a ModBus using the RS485 protocol. No PLC involved.
iot power metering

Environmental Measurements

With environmental measurements like CO2, Air Quality, Temperature, Humidity, Moisture, Light and more you can start controlling your environment. Data can be analyzed and used for automated actions when thresholds are breached.
iot environmental measurements

Access Control

Controlling access to gates and machines is possible via a badging system using the RFID technology. We have devices with a TFT screen for interaction when required.
iot access control

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