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Rack Mounted IOT Boards

We offer a versatile set of measurement capabilities with our intelligent IoT devices working alone or in a cluster. Sensor data is uploaded to our cloud server where we visualize the devices in Google Maps, provide statistics and the ability to configure sensors.

Apart from measuring and visualizing data, we are able to schedule tasks to be executed or set triggers/thresholds to initiate an action.

We currently offer communication possibilities via WiFi, GSM, NBIoT and LoRa.

We have a team that develops custom IoT boards containing sufficient ports, ADC convertors, relais etc. in order to measure the environment and steer devices. This means that we can differentiate ourselves from the competition by delivering solutions that can address even the most demanding cases.

An in-house developed IoT Operating System runs on our boards so that we can measure, communicate, execute commands, access a file system and display data on different devices like e-paper/ledmatrix/OLED....

Our motto, if it doesn't exist we'll develop it!

Please check out our customer projects.

Let Us know what you want to measure and control !

We will be happy to listen to your needs and come up with a solution.

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