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Some information on what we do and who we are...

About Us

CREATIVE Associates develops custom measure & control solutions based on IoT technology.

Walter Verhoeven, Bachelor Electronics from Narafi, Bachelor Informatics from IHRB and a BLIN (Bijzondere Licentie Informatica) from the Free University Of Brussels (VUB) with more than 30 years of experience in compilers, low level system programming, performance & capacity planning on high-end enterprise servers at Hewlett-Packard Belgium and USA/Roseville California Performance Technologies Labs. Also founder of SOLID IT Solutions (sold at Keyrus France) and owner of CREATIVE Associates.

We have a very dedicated team that consist of an Industrial Electronics Engineer from the Narafi, with more than 35 years of experience in microprocessor development at Intel and HP Belgium, computer board testing software and high-end enterprise servers solution consulting at Hewlett-Packard Belgium. For our AI related developments we cooperate with another engineering resource.

We develop hardware and software in order to deliver measure and control solutions based on single or clustered IoT (Internet of Things) devices. The architecture we designed allows communication between devices making use of Internet, LoRa (Long Range communication 433-915 MHz 10-30 km), Narrow Band IoT and Mobile SIM Card. Our devices measure temperature, humidity, light, air quality, water level ... which is passed to a cloud base application server for graphing, alarming, command execution and so forth. Boards can also operate alone or in a cluster where the master role can be taken by an IoT board itself. All the electronics (boards) and software have been developed in-house.


Get In Touch

Please contact us for further information on any of our solutions or products.

Our Technology
ESP8266 IoT Board

We use the ESP8266 chip in order to be able to work in a WiFi environment, although communication can also be sent via a Mobile Chip. Configuration is stored inSPIFF's, it has an OLED screen and possibly a larger LED matrix for communication with the outside world.

Several ADC convertors are foreseen in order to connect the different probes and the possibility to activate a water pump, valves and more. There is a command language for executing local & remote commands and the ability to trace what is going on.

Deep Sleep Sensor Module

Also based on the same technology but stripped to the bare bone so that only measurements are passed to the WEB or another central node at specific intervals when woken up. It sleeps for a while in order to save power.

We use a solar panel in order to keep it running for a long period. Typically used in environments where no electricity is available like farmer fields, vineyards....

Air Quality

We offer a solution to measure (pm10, pm25) the air quality "Particals" based on the NOVA SDS011 sensor.

ESP32 IoT Board

Our latest IoT board based on the Arduino ESP32 chip. Example with Real Time Clock and Micro SD device offering more space than the SPIFF to store files.

This board can attach several sensors and output devices at the same time.

Output Device Types

We have several output device types in order to communicate with the outside world.

Currently we offer Organic LED, LED Matrix, LED Strips and E-Paper possibilities. Can be extended on demand.

Rack Mounted IoT Boards

For industrial solutions we build our boards into DIN rail rack mountable PLC cases.

This allows us to assemble a set of devices which is easy to access and maintain.

Application - Google Maps

The central application server offers the possibility to visualize your sensors in Google Maps.

You can consult the last measurement values, state of the relais and select charts, command scheduler or configuration screen from the "Info Window".

Application - Configuration

The central application server allows you to configure your IoT boards, things like measurement intervals, GPS coordinates, naming sensors and more.

CREATIVE Associates - v1.1 - May 2020