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GSM Commander Project

Customer: Jan Van Lancker

GSM Commander Project - Jan Van Lancker Tuinaanleg

Jan Van Lancker is running a horticulture center and performs landscaping projects. The center manages and processes waste of vegetation, ground works and stone rubble. The trucks entering and leaving the center are weighted to identify the amount of load they carry and the type of the waste in order to define the costs/price of goods to be treated. The system is automated and functions without human intervention.

Whenever the truck balance printer is out of paper the process is disturbed and the trucks cannot leave the site. In order to overcome this situation, developed and installed a GSM Commander IoT device. With IR (Infrared) light, the availability of paper is checked and when the system runs out of paper, an SMS alarm is send to the owners of the center, allowing them to take immediate action.

The owner can send SMS messages back to the SMS commander to perform specific tasks such as opening the gate so that the truck driver can leave the site. The SMS commander manages a list of approved SMS senders that have access to the facilities so that only staff can execute remote commands.

Below you see an image of our IoT sensor box located in the upper left part of the weight controller cabinet.

Standard IoT Device With GSM

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