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Gyronef World Exposition Dubai 2020

Customer: Alessandro Tardioli & Caroline Craenhals

Gyronef World Exposition Dubai 2020 - Alessandro Tardioli & Caroline Craenhals

Belgium will participate in the World Exhibition at Dubai in 2020. We are part of the team that builds the iconic helicopter named "The Gyronef", known from the comic book series "Suske (Willy) & Wiske (Wanda)", written by Willy Vandersteen

The Gyronef will be placed on the roof of the Belgian Pavilion and becomes the eyecatcher of this event.

Our IoT boards will be mounted in the Gyronef providing the following functionalities:

  • Propellor/Motor steering, locally and via commands from our application server
  • Measuring of the environment and display on the dashboard via gauges that are build-in retro devices
  • Ambient lightning by LED strips.
  • Steering of the Airconditioning
  • Stroboscope based flash light in the cockpit during the evening
  • Dashboard retro lights from the Belgium Atomium
  • External info panel with e-paper displays showing info about the Gyronef in 8 different languages
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